Mario Klingemann 

Memories of Passersby I, 2018 / Composition of multiple GANs 

Memories of Passersby I is an autonomous machine that generates a never-ending, never-repeating stream of portraits of non existing people; it is also the first algorithm in the series entitled Memories of Passerby and part of a style which Mario Klingemann refers to as “Neurealism.”

With the artist’s unique perspective and tools, these paintings are transformed into an infinite series of unrepeatable, completely original portraits; unsettling, unnerving works of art.

This is the first time that a machine that autonomously creates AI art will be exhibited and made available as a collectable artifact. To our knowledge until today only the human-curated final outputs of neural networks were exhibited or sold in the form of still images, videos or installations. This artwork contains all the algorithms and GANs that enable it to generate images and will continue to make new and never-repeating portraits as long as it is running.

Although the images created are entirely machine-generated using a chain of GANs, the result is not random; the machine is autonomous but reflects the intention of an artist who has spent various years programming and correcting it to achieve the desired output. However, this AI through combined GAN models is not looking to create random collages of existing works; it’s trying to create completely new works based on Klingemann’s guidelines and its own aesthetic choices.

Memories of Passersby I forms part of Colección SOLO and is on permanent display at Espacio SOLO. Visits can be booked in advance at