Cool 3D World 

El Rey de la Vida, 2018 / 4k video loop / edition of 8

Cool 3D World has the rare ability to take us places we have never been before. For some, a true virtual nightmare. For others, a new universe of virtual poetry; uncanny, surreal, and absurd – but at the same time hypnotic, where anything can happen.

Brian Tessler and Jon Baken are the artists behind Cool 3D World, a collaborative multimedia project founded in September of 2015 that serves as a creative space for animated 3D content, original music, and sound design. The duo has created hundreds of animated shorts and amassed over 2 million followers across social media.

“El Rey de la Vida” is a work inspired by The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch. The piece explores the life and death of a king, and the changes that occur in the world throughout his lifetime. By combining techniques of compositing and orthographic 3D cameras, the composition is able to display a large amount of detail in a flat fashion similar to the techniques of Bosch. The piece also has a sound component which reflects the actions and movements that take place all through the cycle.

This is the first piece commissioned by ONKAOS to be exhibited in an art space and be part of Colección SOLO.